One day Course

Presentation 12A - The Greek History of Food

From antiquity to present times, Greece has a food history rich as its culture. Aboard our imaginary time food-machine we will sit at the same table with Socrates and Alexander the Great and from there on to the side of Theodora, the sensual Byzantine Empress. Discover the similarities to your home cuisine and start your voyage to the world of Greek food. (45 minutes - Theory Course - 50€)

Presentation 12B - Modern Greek Cuisine

A reference to the Greek cuisine as it has become today. We will deal with the development through time, record the current trends and look inside the very popular Greek fusion cuisine. Adopting old techniques to new ones and incorporating traditional cuisine ingredients and recipes from other corners of the world is always interesting for the one that enjoys cooking. (30 minutes - Theory Course(Offered only in combination with presentation 12A - 30€)

Presentation 12C - Culinary Manners & Customs of the Greeks

Putting together the manners and customs with the actual recipes gives you a complete picture of how and why things happened the way they did. When this concerns gastronomy it can be a fairy tale and if we are talking about the Greek one, then we could go on and on for hours. This is just a glance, but a very delightful one.
(45 minutes - Theory Course - 50€)

Presentation 15A - Soups, Salads & Preserved Foods

We will mainly deal with some of the most tasteful traditional Greek soups like the famous Fasolada, Giouvarlakia and Mageiritsa. It is not just the flavours and the techniques, but the tradition that will amaze you. Salads from the islands and herbs from the mountains will follow, together with a condensed pass by the art of preserving food: from pickles to salty fish and from charcuterie and cheese to sweet preserves. (60 minutes / 8 flavors tasting menu - 120€)

Presentation 15B - Legumes, Grains & Vegetables

The great tradition of the Greek vegetarian dishes ( Ladera ) together with some of the most interesting legumes and grain recipes could definitely be an opportunity for you to choose eating Greek (like a Greek, the Greek way) regularly from now on. This is the basis of the Greek everyday cuisine and the fundamental of one of the healthiest cuisines of the world. Definitely much more than the kind of things you will usually encounter dealing with the tastes of Greece. (60 minutes / 8 flavors tasting menu - 120€)

Presentation 15C - Fish and Shellfish

One of the reasons for visiting Greece will always be to taste the fish and the shellfish. Find out how to cook it the Greek way and amaze your friends. It may be the case indeed that Greeks go mainly plain when it comes to fish and shellfish, but there are some recipes so notable that you can spend a lifetime eating them and never get bored. This is what this presentation deals with. (60 minutes / 5 flavors tasting menu - 150€)

Presentation 15D - Meat & Poultry

Different from the rest of Europe and distinguished from the Middle East, meat and poultry preparations in the Greek cuisine indicate the territorial crossroad of many different traditions. Let us take a walk together and challenge our senses while going through some of the best recipes Greek cuisine has to show/ offer. (60 minutes / 5 flavors tasting menu - 150€)

Presentation 15E - Bakery & Desserts

Oh! the wonderful world of pies ! Greece is the only country in the world with such a culinary tradition of pies like Tyropita or Spanakopita. We will tour around these delicate tastes as well as to other traditional bakery recipes and then we will free fall into some of the best sweets in the world. Bear in mind, although not widely known, that Greeks are one of the very few nations in the world that have such a Patisserie per person ratio! A real treat for the mouth and soul. (60 minutes / 12 flavors tasting menu - 120€)

Presentation 21A - Greek Festive Cuisine

Dare to open the pages of the best Greek cooking experience. Greek festive cooking is much more than you would ever expect. A treat for all yet a challenge for the skillful, learning about these festive dishes will take you a step beyond your limits. From the popular Mousaka to Stifado and many more we will guide you step by step to perfection. (90 minutes basic or 150 minutes full version / 3 starter portion tasting menu - 200/350€)

Presentation 21B - Appetizers & Ouzo meze

This is a must. If you should learn just one thing regarding the Greek cuisine, then let that be it. All the succulent tastes you dreamed about are hidden somewhere on the ouzo table which is much more than a tradition for the Greeks. A parade of recipes and the secrets that lead you to perfection. (90 minutes basic or 120 minutes full version / 16 flavors tasting menu - 200/300€)