An initiation to Greek Cuisine is a challenge for the soul and the senses.

Greek cuisine, one of the world's richest, carries customs and manners as old as Greek civilization and history themselves.

It serves as the bonding agent between ancient and modern times and simultaneously is a wonderful trip to a place of unique techniques and recipes that initiate you to the world of cooking and seduce your palette.

This flavour you cannot get out of a book or the media. Therefore we have prepared what we consider an one of a kind initiation programme to Greek Cuisine, full of audio visual material, presentations, live shows, notes and natural flavour in order for you to travel with us, and learn what we so passionately love.

Fresh and spiced by Paul and John personally, these newly introduced programmes are a unique way to get an all in a box, simple yet deep, Greek Cuisine experience.

The programme is addressed mainly to Clubs and Associations as well as any group of people that would like to get a flavour of what Greek Cuisine is all about.

We have one or two days programmes that can be customized by combining different presentations from our list in order to suit your needs and we would be more than glad to discuss any special preferences (or needs) with you.

Time next to presentations is the minimum you should consider. All prices are excluding VAT and travel expenses and do not include the tasting cost which may vary according the courses selected and the customization. All courses include a minimum tasting experience in order to understand the course.

All presentations can be followed by an optional tasting menu and wine or ouzo degustation, which we highly recommend.
At the end of each presentation a certificate of attendance and a gift box will be offered to all participants.